Franchisee Real Estate Support

For the franchisee candidate and franchisee, we help you evaluate:

  • Whether or not the franchise model is viable in your local market
  • How quickly to expand and to which sub-markets (when multi-unit)
  • Which local broker has the skill-set, experience, and relationships needed to best assist you in your site selection
  • If the infrastructure in a particular location is suitable for your intended use
  • How municipal requirements imposed on a space and/or your use will affect your business
  • If economic lease terms are standard and viable
  • Who to hire to help you build and design your space
  • If cost estimates from general contractors and architects are reasonable
  • How to keep the project on track so that you open for business before you have to start paying rent
  • How to best utilize your relationships with third-party contractors to continue a multi-unit expansion